16th Jun, 2019


Mechanical Engineering


         Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and greatest courses of study in Engineering. The department of Mechanical Engineering in our Kurinji College of Engineering and Technology was established in the year 2000. The department provides excellent learning opportunities for undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering. This Course in Kurinji College is approved by the AICTE - All India Council for Technical Education, which was established for proper planning and co-ordinated development of technical education system throughout the country.



        The student of Mechanical Engineering at KCET will research , develop, design, manufacture and test tools, engines, machines and other mechanical devices. CAD/CAM courses assist the students in designing components with greatest possible efficiencies. Students are guided for Industrial Visit and for carrying out final year their project at BHEL, a Public sector heavy industry at other major industries in and around Tiruchirappalli. Mechanical Engineering is the broadest and most diverse engineering discipline. Not many people can perform their jobs without Mechanical Engineers.



        Mechanical Engineering Association is very active at KCET with involvement of students. Special lecture classes from eminent persons in industries are arranged once in every month. Seminars and Symposiums are regularly conducted to acquire latest development in the fields of Manufacturing, Design, Welding, Machining etc. Also the students are encouraged to participate in Seminars and Symposiums conducted at various other Engineering College.



        Mechanical Engineers probably have the maximum number of employment opportunist. The most traditional careers in Mechanical Engineering are those working as design and manufacturing engineers for companies that produce a mechanical product, such as cars. Planes, refrigerators etc. Some of the largest employers in the field of Mechanical Engineering include the BHEL. TVS Group of Companies, L&T, Ashok Leyland, Indian Railway and the Armed Forces. In the public and private sector almost all industries require Mechanical Engineers. Large number of openings exist in the sectors of power generation, automobile and machine tools. Mechanical Engineers can either get into the Research and Development(R&D) division or into the Design and Production Division.

        Today, Mechanical Engineering has merged and interfaced with the worlds of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering. The highly emerging IT industry also provided great number of employment opportunities for Mechanical Engineers. India’s top IT sectors such as TCS, Infosys, CTS, Wipro and Satyam Computers are recruiting regularly a large number of Mechanical Engineers for their IT jobs. A Mechanical Engineer will find work in many industries and his/her work will vary by industry and function. Some specialties include applied mechanics, computer-aided design and manufacturing , energy systems. Mechanical Engineers can also work in production operations, maintenance, or technical sales as administrators or managers.


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