16th Jun, 2019


Computer Science and Engineering




             To dedicate the work to advance and communicate the specific knowledge and understanding to the Medicore and Excellent students with a systematic scientific approach and coordication of activities.



             Training the Students to become well disciplined and knowledgeable in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.

Quality Policy


             Department of Computer Science and Engineering strives to ensure quality education as a leader in the Computer Science and Engineering Education by continuously improving academic inputs and educational excellence.



  • To achive 90% result in the Anna University examinations by Motivating & Counselling the students.
  • To improve the studentsí placement to 75%.
  • Conducting one Symposium per year.
  • Making 50% of the students to present papers in symposiums.
  • Making the students to publish articles in the department new bulletin
  • Conducting guest lectures.
  • Conducting workshop to the students.
  • To improve the Research & Development activities.


1. Data Structure and Algorithms Laboratory

2. Data Base Management Systems Laboratory

3. Visual Programming and Graphics Laboratory

4. Software Design, Development and Testing

5. Case Tools Laboratory

6. Multimedia Laboratory

Co-Curricular Activities

* Careers in Networking .

* Team Building.

* Placement support programs .

* Microsoft Tech-Ed Academia.

* DotNet Frameworks,XML Services,Embedded Architecture

Innovative Projects

* Tools Tracking System for Micro Pixel

* Nocturnal Guide-Accident Avoidance (Selected for the final round at iTalent).

* Library Management System for the college use.

* Course Registration System for the College use.